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FormBox Product Descriptions

Long Description

The Mayku FormBox puts the power of making in your hands. Powered by any vacuum cleaner, it works with a world of materials and helps you to make your ideas real. Whether you’re crafting by hand or partnering with your 3D printer, the FormBox is your very own desktop production line.

Short Description

The Mayku FormBox: a desktop Vacuum Former that brings your ideas to life.

Mayku two year warranty

Every Mayku FormBox ships with a 2 year warrantee as standard. If you face any issues with your machine, Mayku's customer support team is on hand to help. In the rare case that your FormBox has a fault - they will either replace it with a new machine or arrange for a repair at one of their global network of repair centres.

Benefits and Features

Prototype at Speed

Rapidly create product prototypes with high quality finishes to show your clients your vision, in real life.

Precision Control

Take control over your making with precise time and temperature settings - for consistent mold making, every time.

Making Made Simple

The FormBox has been meticulously designed to make a complex process as simple as possible, leaving you to focus on your ideas. It’s making, made simple.

Small Footprint, Big Power

The FormBox gives you advanced manufacturing technology in a space no larger than a laptop, giving you and your business the space you need to grow.

Choose From a World of Materials

Bring your ideas into the real world in hundreds of different ways by choosing from a huge range of sheet materials. Make the way you want to.

Vacuum Power

Plug any vacuum cleaner into the FormBox and use its suction to kickstart your own desktop factory.

Auto Switch

The FormBox has an internal auto-vacuum system, simply plug your vacuum cleaner into the port on the back and the suction will start exactly when you need it - magical making.

Turbocharge your 3D printer

Pioneer the future of desktop manufacturing. Partner the FormBox with your 3D printer to create professional batches of products from your studio.


Mayku Pour 1kg

Easy to use, non-toxic casting material designed for the Mayku FormBox and Cast Sheets. Simply mix the powder with water using the included measuring scoops. Once prepared the liquid is easy to pour and sets quickly into a tough, smooth, sheer white cast that replicates fine detail. Ready to paint and decorate once fully dry.

Mayku Cast Sheets 30 pack

Transparent and food-safe 0.5mm sheets for making reusable molds. The slight flex and non-stick surface that the sheet provides ensures that your templates and casts can be removed with ease. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Mayku Form Sheets 30 pack

A 0.5mm versatile, easy-to-use white sheet. Great for product packaging, prototyping and enhancing decorative craft projects. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

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